Gentlemen Cosmetics Color, Why now?

The renaissance man has always been among us. It leads me back to the archetypes of the past bringing back the jesters, kings, heroes and other characters we see in our movies of now. We recycle our past and play with their attributes. Russell Brand and Johnny Depp are just a few of those bohemian men that moved into this last two hundred years without cutting their hair and conforming to  the status quo. They dare to wear eye liner and flaunt their hair as if it was part of them and they enjoy more of who they are as a result of it. As a matter of  fact it has only been a short window in history that men have chosen to shave their beards and cut their hair short. In the whole history of man, a short 200 year window, has changed those habits for many, but for those that have remembered their roots, that have returned to their true identity, giving themselves  permission to come back into to their true creaturehood with adornments of color. We salute you, as you have been the way showers of the now and each day we wake up to the opportunities of our true identity. It is this inspiration that brings Gentlemen cosmetics color back to the now.


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