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natural, organic, vegan, and kosher botanical ingredients with zero artificial additives & preservatives go into the making our Gentlemen Cosmetics.


Made in USA

Hand-crafted in California with L.I.F.E. – Love. Integrity. Freedom. Empowerment.


We ♥ animals. No animal testing and no animal ingredients.


Gentlemen Cosmetics Inspired by Lifestyles Of Health and Sustainability

Specialty Kit
Specialty Color Chart

Lip Ink Lip Stain Colors include: Rose, Arcturian Pink, Red, Lava Red, Mauve, Rosewood, Fuchsia, Ultra Amethyst, Mango, Coral, Blush, Caramel, Redwood, Cocoa, Orange, Cognac, Ultra Berry, Champagne, Mocha, Ultra Natural

Other liquid lip stain colors: Unisex Toner, Glitter Pink, Glitter Pink lemonade, Venusian Flesh, Lemon Toner, pink and Cherry

Not Ink, Just the staying power of ink. The LIP INK® 100% Smearproof  Vegan Lip Stain Kit, is the easiest, most comprehensive way to purchase LIP INK®’s revolutionary 3 product lip color system. The kit includes two LIP INK® Lip Stain Colors of your choice along with our Classic Lip Moisturizer that is applied before the color, an OFF Vial and one large OFF Refill Bottle that can refill the vial up to 15 times to exfoliate, restore and remove all Lip Ink Lip Stain Color. 3 Products. 2 Minutes. 100% Smearproof

Eyeliner Kit

100% Smearproof Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner Kit

Eyeliner Color Dots

Lip Ink Liquid Eye Liner Colors include: Blue, Black, Smoke, Violet, Hazel, White, Brown

Waxless formula free of artificial preservatives 100% smearproof, waterproof.

LIP INK® Eye Liner is formulated especially for the sensitive area around your eyes. Use to lighten, enhance, or frame with all of our eye liner colors. Use a darker color above the eye, and a lighter color below. This will lift the eyes, because a person looking at you will be drawn to the darker color. Available in Black, Brown, Smoke, Hazel, White, Blue, and Violet. Kit comes with our specially formulated OFF Remover because it will not come off with soap, yet the OFF remover is so safe it is completely eye friendly.

Tattoo Cover Up

100% Smearproof Waterproof Tattoo, Bruise & Scar Cover-Up

Cover up a tattoo, bruise or scars instantly with LIP INK® Instant Cover-Up, that is safe to wear 24/7 plus it is 100% Smearproof. The five LIP INK® natural mineral powders are excellent to veil any tattoo, bruises, or scars by camouflaging it to match your skin while the LIP INK® Color Clear acts as a perfect sealer by encapsulating the mineral powders, making it smear-proof, long lasting, and waterproof, ensuring that it doesn’t go anywhere. Create a variety of shades to match your skin tone and wear it with confidence, knowing that your little secret is safe with LIP INK® Instant Tattoo, Bruise and Scar Cover-up.

Miracle Brow Color Kit

100% Smearproof Miracle Brow Color Kit

Brow Color Dots

LIP INK Liquid Miracle Brow Colors include: auburn, black, blonde, brown, grey, taupe

MIRACLE BROW COLOR KIT will give you those perfect brows. Fill in grey or bald spots, even covers scars or blemishes. Comes in six incredibly long-lasting (wear it to bed!) colors. Covers gray hair, and darkens brows. May be worn in combination with LIP INK® brow liners. You can wear it in your hair as well to streak or give it full color coverage. Covers gray or darkens men’s beard and mustache hairs very effectively. (For beards and mustaches, we recommend using two shades, as men’s facial hair usually has more than one solid color tone)


Men’s Fragrance Balm Travel Collection

A solid, portable fragrance designed to take on any adventure life throws your way. Hand-crafted by Rose Nichols with natural essential fragrance oils and cocoa butter to give you paradise in your pocket. Available in: Bay Spice – An herbal blend of West Indian bay leaf; Nordic Forest – An awe-inspiring scent of tree woods from the north forests; South Seas – A tropical scent with plumeria, the smell of paradise; Eastern Trails Balsam – From the trees of Java, Sumatra and Thailand giving you a personal oasis. Each 9 Grams